Windows 7 Beta: Desktop Review


Well, I am not too sure whether this background may be included in Windows 7, but Windows 7 has definitely had a slight update in its graphical desktop. From underneath, we can see that the taskbar has now been upgraded into the “superbar”. We can also see that the search box has had a bit of an update  and there is no favourites menu in the icons that appear in the “quick start” menu. The shut down button has been replaced by a button that gives a variety of options in a drop down menu.


Underneath is a clearer appearance of the “superbar”. The Windows Icon has not changed that much except if you hover, its flag colours shine in the icon. You can also see that instead of written descriptions of opened programs, they are in the form of icons making it a more graphical user interface. Other than that, it is quite similar to Vista.

Windows 7 Taskbar.png

Before you click, it will show you a preview of all the window’s – similar to Vista.

Windows 7 Start Bar 1.jpg

A new option called the “Jump List” allows you to Jump to a certain folder inside a certain program on the SuperBar. Here we can see the Jump List in Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player JumpList.png

Peek, a new option which allows any window on the desktop to turn into “glass”. Additionally, there is no sidebar in  Windows 7 – for Gadgets will just sit on the desktop, which can be done in Windows Vista.


Your desktop can also change background in a certain time. If you wanted a new background every 30 seconds, you would select the option to change it every 30 seconds. DreamScene will continue but whether it will be included in all of Windows 7 Editions has not been decided.

Windows 7 Desktop Slide Show.png

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