Want to win prizes and money? The internet has so many different websites, many say they give you free prizes if you sign up.

But which ones are true? Well, none of them really. However, what websites are true – are “search and win” websites, which allow you to search and if you are lucky win points. These points can either be used to buy prizes or can be cashed out into money checks.

If you are a teenager, then you still can make money. Often, most sites require you to be over 13. Read the terms for more information.

1. Winzy

Win Free Prizes

Winzy is one of the best search sites, which allow you to search and win points. But you can also gamble your points in a variety of gambling games. 

2. SwagBucks

Search & Win

SwagBucks is a reliable search engine, which is very slow in awarding points (roughly a point a day) but have some great prizes such as the iPhone, Xbox 360, Vouchers etc. As well, SwagBucks ships prizes to most countries around the world!

3. Scour

Earn money with Scour!

If you feel, just like getting money, Scour is for you. Searching is far easier with Scour – with a point for every new search (Cannot repeat). Scour gives Visa gift vouchers which can be cashed in for cash.


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